In partnership with our brave firefighters, paramedics and police officers, SouthCom Dispatch is dedicated to saving human life; reducing property damage and loss; and preserving the freedoms of life for the citizens and responders we serve.

Deputy Director, Athena Barnes

Athena Barnes has been a Telecommunicator since 1994 where she began in the Village of Ford Heights. Athena served in the Military as a U.S. Army Automated Logistics Specialist stationed in Ansbach, Germany from 1994 through 1996. When her service to our country was completed, Athena returned to the Village of Ford Heights in her role as a Telecommunicator and LEADS Coordinator. Continuing in her career, Athena was hired as a Telecommunicator and Records Clerk with the Village of Richton Park in 2000 and remained there until the formation of SouthCom was completed. In the beginning days of SouthCom, Athena began dispatching on a part-time basis while she maintained her full-time Records Clerk position in the Village of Richton Park but in March of 2003, Athena ended her employment with the Village of Richton Park to fulfill a full-time position within SouthCom. Athena was named Shift Commander in 2005 and the Training Coordinator at SouthCom in September 2010. Athena is also a member of the Public Education Team, SSERT Scribes and the IL TERT Team as a Team Leader. On January 1, 2015 advancing her career to the next level, Athena was offered and accepted the position of Deputy Director.

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