In partnership with our brave firefighters, paramedics and police officers, SouthCom Dispatch is dedicated to saving human life; reducing property damage and loss; and preserving the freedoms of life for the citizens and responders we serve.

Director, Cathy Dorans

Cathy began her career in the dispatching service in 1993 as a Telecommunicator working for the City of Riverdale dispatching both Police & Fire. In 2002, Cathy was named Shift Supervisor and remained in that position until the dispatch center was dissolved and moved to a combined dispatch center in 2006. At that time, Cathy came to SouthCom as a part-time Telecommunicator while she worked full-time for Marquette Bank in the mortgage department. Cathy left Marquette Bank in 2009 to accept a full-time Telecommunicator position with SouthCom and was later promoted to Deputy Director in April 2010. During her first year as Deputy Director, Cathy successfully achieved trainer certification in the APCO 40-hour Basic Telecommunicator course and is responsible for beginning the training of all new employees, overseeing the training program as well as the day-to day operations of SouthCom. Cathy was promoted to Interim Director in May 2014 and was later promoted to the Director November 2014.

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