In partnership with our brave firefighters, paramedics and police officers, SouthCom Dispatch is dedicated to saving human life; reducing property damage and loss; and preserving the freedoms of life for the citizens and responders we serve.

Education Coordinator, Charlene Tomlinson

Charlene (Char) Tomlinson began as a Telecommunicator in the Village of Riverdale in 1990 where she remained for one year then leaving to fulfill a full-time Telecommunicator position with the Village of Glenwood. In 1998, Charlene left the Village of Glenwood to pursue a career as a legal assistant and then moved onto become a Human Resources Coordinator with another company. Following the birth of her son, Charlene decided to get back into the Telecommunications field when she took a full time position in 2001 with the then newly formed combined dispatch center, SouthCom. Charlene has been at SouthCom since that time where she has worked very hard and earned her current position as the Education Coordinator for SouthCom. Charlene enjoys teaching all the area first grade students the correct way to use 9-1-1 and often teaches the elderly community the importance of 9-1-1 as well. In her free time, Charlene enjoys vacationing in various locations and spending time with her son and husband of 25 years.

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