In partnership with our brave firefighters, paramedics and police officers, SouthCom Dispatch is dedicated to saving human life; reducing property damage and loss; and preserving the freedoms of life for the citizens and responders we serve.
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Welcome to SouthCom Dispatch
SouthCom Combined Dispatch was formed by intergovernmental agreements between the Villages of Matteson, Richton Park and Olympia Fields, Illinois, in 2000. The purpose of forming SouthCom was to consolidate fire/EMS and police dispatch into one facility. The goal was to deliver better service to the citizens while being more cost effective. After two years of planning SouthCom became operational, in temporary facilities in January of 2002.

During 2002, a new SouthCom facility was constructed. Along with designing and equipping a new facility, SouthCom completed two other important projects: integrated, center line mapping of all three Villages and implementation of Wireless Phase II 9-1-1, where SouthCom receives X/Y coordinates from cellular devices and maps those calls for location. Wireless Phase 2 for seven wireless carriers was completed and implemented on June 6, 2003.

SouthCom moved into its new facility on March 11, 2003. The new 3,200 foot facility provides space for six dispatch workstations, a conference/training room, Directors Office, Supervisor of Communications Office, Break Room/Kitchenette, Washrooms, Equipment Rooms, and Mechanical Rooms.

Since our initial opening, SouthCom has expanded by providing fire/EMS and police dispatch for the Village of Park Forest, Illinois, which started on October 4, 2005.

SouthCom receives over 100,000 phone calls each year; 37,000 of which are 9-1-1. Of the 9-1-1 calls received 80% or 30,000 are from wireless (cellular) devices. SouthCom dispatched 63,000 Calls for Service to fire/EMS or police units in 2014.

Any organization is only as strong as those that provide the service. SouthCom is blessed to have a staff of seventeen full time telecommunicators, as well as one a Director, Cathy Dorans, and a Deputy Director, Athena Barnes. All telecommunicators are fully trained and all must achieve and maintain Master Certification (TDD, LEADS, CPR and Emergency Medical Dispatch) within their first year of employment. Additionally, telecommunicators attend regular in service and continuing education courses in Stress Management, Police and Fire Dispatch, Homeland Security, Domestic Violence, Hazardous Materials and Crimes in Progress to name a few. SouthCom telecommunicators have an average experience level of 9.5 years.

SouthCom is proud of the service we provide to all residents of the communities we serve. That service is saving lives!