In partnership with our brave firefighters, paramedics and police officers, SouthCom Dispatch is dedicated to saving human life; reducing property damage and loss; and preserving the freedoms of life for the citizens and responders we serve.
Training in the latest software. Telecommunicator Workstation. Overview of one of five consoles within SouthCom Dispatch.
SouthCom Break Room. SouthCom Conference Room. Saving Lives in Action.
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Outreach Team member Charlene presenting 9-1-1 Education Materials at the Matteson Wal-Mart. Outreach Team members Denise and Terri presenting 9-1-1 Education Materials at the Illinois Fire Marshal's Tent at the Illinois State Fair in August 2005. Training session at Prairie State College Continuing Education of Telecommunicators.
Education Team member Jackie teaching 1st graders how to dial 9-1-1. Education Team members Charlene and Terri with 1st graders who have just taken the SouthCom 9-1-1 Education class. Education Team member Athena teaching 1st grader about 9-1-1.