Telecommunicator Training

SouthCom believes in the importance of providing the necessary educational resources for each of our Telecommunicators so that they can accomplish our mission in an effective and efficient manner. Initial training and continuing education are critical to the successful delivery of emergency dispatch services to our citizens and businesses.

Every Telecommunicator must obtain and maintain valid CPR, EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch), TDD/TTY (Telecommunications for the Hearing Impaired), Advance Fire and Law Enforcement certifications as a condition of their employment.
Additionally, each Telecommunicator must participate in monthly in-house training on various subjects as well as a minimum of twelve hours of continuing education each year. Some of the subjects they train in are Suicide Intervention, Tactical Dispatch, Domestic Violence, School Violence, etc.

Training Calendar

9-1-1 Education/Training

We believe that teaching children the proper use and method of accessing 9-1-1 can help save lives while cutting down on prank/false 9-1-1 phone calls. Therefore, each year SouthCom goes into the area schools to teach 9-1-1 Education to all 1st graders. Our 9-1-1 Education Program is aimed to teach the children when and how to dial 9-1-1 in an emergency.

These dedicated Telecommunicators give a presentation that is 35-40 minutes in length and includes a video, question and answer period, and the use of a 9-1-1 simulator / training phone. Our Education Coordinator establishes a classroom schedule with each 1st-grade class in all of the grade schools within our four Villages. Last year the education team made their presentation to 31-1st grade classes in Matteson, Olympia Fields, Park Forest, and Richton Park.

SouthCom’s education team also provides 9-1-1 Education for seniors, Civic groups, and other organizations. Additionally, each year the education team attends various Village festivals within the four Villages, with the goal to educate the public about 9-1-1 and our mission of “Saving Lives Everyday.”

For information on our education programs contact Athena Barnes at (708) 283-6630.

Training Calendar